Creative Direction

Creative Direction & Motivation is a young agency with years of experience, craftsmanship and know-how. Formed by Chris McQue, David Woodcock & Peter Stipetic, we have offices on the Bedfordshire Hertfordshire border and Yorkshire.

We began trading on 1st January 2007, providing Marketing-Communications & Performance Improvement services that do ‘exactly what they say on the tin’ – we Create and Direct campaigns and events that Motivate your most valuable resource.

We animate your people and help you build your business.

But even the most passionate builders and creators need architectural guidelines so, unlike many would-be contractors of international events, we started with a no-risk blueprint of ATOL-bonding coupled with substantial liability and indemnity insurances so that you know you are not betting your house on any old agency.

Creative Direction is more than just a safe pair of hands; we love what we do for clients that appreciate our skills and have created a network of world-class specialists that can rise to just about any challenge you care to throw at us.

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